John Meyer


Recipe and Menu Development

I am a qualified chef and university-educated nutritionist, menu developer, food article writer and food photography. My forte is designing nutritionally-balanced foods from concept to translating it into the kitchen.

After many years as a professional chef, I’ve learned that menus and recipe development is only part of the equation; the recipe has to be executable in the kitchen. Your menu needs to be profitable, balancing the best source ingredients with cost, making the best food possible at the best prices.

My services include:

  • Menu Research & Development – I’m passionate about recipe development, designing meals that are nutritionally-balanced with seasonal, natural produce and bursting with delectable flavours and textures. I cater to the growing health consciousness in our society by focusing on making food that is not only high in nutrients but also tastes great. People shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to eating healthy and satisfying their craving for delicious food.

Therefore, I work with cafes, restaurants, and individuals to improve the nutritional value in their menu without eliminating what makes their food so popular—its enjoyment and taste. Customers can then experience the venue they love while also making healthy choices in their diet. I design and adapt recipes to meet the goals of the client—whether they desire a particular produce, ingredient, flavour, or method of preparation in their recipe.

I’m also mindful of food intolerance and allergies that are becoming more and more common in the public. Anyone, with any dietary need, should be able to eat well; I seek to design their meals to their requirements, without using fillers and additives to complete the product, making all my recipes natural and exquisite.

  • Recipe Documentation – I provide staff with education materials on the best way to prepare and cook meals, with easy-to-follow standardised menus.
  • Nutritional Analysis & Menu Macro and Micro Nutrient Labeling – I offer nutritional analysis using Foodworks by Xyris Software (Australia) Pty Ltd © 2017 Australian and New Zealand. This information can tell you if the meal is truly balanced against the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, which is set by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and Nutrient Reference Values (NRV). These are Australian Government guidelines. Here is an example of what it looks like < Click Here >.
  • Sourcing Products – I support local and regional food systems, which help support local and sustainably-run farms. It’s my priority to protect my customers’ health and the health of our communities, as well as help to stimulate local economies.
  • Costs/Pricing – In an effort to make my prices affordable and accessible to other businesses and individuals, I carefully choose my products, materials, and equipment to allow me to deliver quality and accurate results to my clients, making the cost well worth it < Click Here To Download FREE Costings Template >.
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) – I’m dedicated to using HACCP, an internationally-recognised method of identifying and managing risk. As the centre of my menu research and development, it allows customers, the public, and government sector bodies to be confident in my food safety precautions, trusting that I take food safety seriously and manage it effectively.
  • Food Article Writing – Good food writing requires good research; my university training has taught me to look at things with a critical eye and let the evidence do the talking. People describe my writing style as academic writing simplified.
  • Food Photography – You can see my portfolio here <Click Here>. The images I provide are high-resolution for print, and medium-resolution for websites. The file formats are PSD, AI, and JPEG/JPG.

Testimonies of My Services

“John has been a great asset to my nutrition business. His knowledge in cooking, nutrition and his ability to keep up with the trends with information technology and social media has been valuable.” – Maya McColm, Accredited Dietitian Nutritionist, Bachelor of Science (UQ) Buderim

Maya McColm BSc – Accredited Dietitian Nutritionist – Buderim,Queensland



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