John Meyer


My Philosophy On Food

My philosophy on food comes from my heart and evolves around my personal ethics, education, and experiences. I have such a deep love for food that I decided in late 2009 to enroll in university to earn a Bachelor of Nutrition and take my food to a higher level.

I am a foodie at heart. Cooking for people is one way I can express my love and show how much I care—a gift of taste. For that brief instant of time, after preparation and cooking, the food is on the plate as something tangible that I have made. Then it gets savored and eaten!

Food binds humanity. Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to be angry with someone who you’re sharing food with? When I look back at all the bonding times with friends, lovers, and family, in most cases it has been over a meal. Memories of emotions are linked to taste. The food eaten is not always the most healthy or even tasty, but it is a shared experience.

In sharing my positive food experiences, I do see that taste can be personally and environmentally destructive. We do need to change the way we grow, raise, and distribute our foods. If we do not change, mother nature will do the changing for us. We really do need to (if I may quote The Martian) “science the shit out of this” ethical and environmental trouble.

While the science research methodology is far from perfect, it does learn from its mistakes. Let the data do the talking. . .Which leads me to not label my products for specific diets (Paleo, Atkins, Eat-Clean, Fit for Life, etc.). As individuals, we need a certain amount of macro and micro nutrients in food to sustain life; the question in looking at these diets then becomes, does it meet our nutritional needs? We must critically look at and question healthy claims within specific diets. My standpoint is that not all foods are “one size fits all,” but this is where I can get creative and tailor food to a population.

In my personal journey with food, it has been a positive experience, so I wish to share my excitement and love for it.

I end all of my recipes and tribulations with a saying, “Taste is not only a survival trait, but a wonderful gift of nature.” And what a wonderful gift taste is!


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