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Compositing An Image: Creative Fantasy Photographic Images – Digital PDF journal And Presentation – DES 205 – Digital Photo Practice III Semester 1 2017

My Inspiration

Top Image -The inspiration for this piece was a merge of a doll house cubby hole, the 2007 movie “Ratatouille” and the 1734 children’s English fairy-tale, “Jack and the Beanstalk”.

How would a miniature chef deal with a large Cookbook, while cooking in a land of giants?


The “The Doll House Kitchen” was composited using two images, the first location was in my house and the second was taken using the photographic studio at the University of Sunshine Coast.

The first image was taken in low light and using a higher F/stop because I wanted the focus point to be centered on the middle of the Spain cookbook. Having a higher F/stop of F/8 and reduced light, my options were slower shutter speed, higher ISO or using a flash.

Though the flash option was used, the image was not usable because of light reflections from the white coloured books and the reflective property of the pages. The higher ISO was ruled out because it would have created too much grain and noise in my composition.

So the oblivious was a longer shutter speed of five seconds. Many image corrections and enhancements could be done in the post-production. Multiple shooting angles were taken using the same camera settings to allow for a perspective of the background and subject.

The main challenges for this composition were the perspective of the subject in the background, lighting angles of my house and the studio lighting.

Conceptually, this image had to be planned in advance to allow for lighting and perceptive.

In Photoshop, I used the quick selection tool to select the subject and further enhanced it with the refine edge tool.

After the quick selection, I inverted my selection, selected the subject and placed it on its own layer.

To minimise the hard edge on the subject, I used the feather with define edge tool and gave the blend a more realistic look.

What makes or breaks the realism in this composition is the perspective and lighting shadows. There are two shadows applied to the subject to allow for the natural lighting angles as well as the studio lighting.

Bottom Image – The concept for this was to denote the idea of any recipe standing out while using any smartphone or tablet. With increasing daily use while browsing the web, this image could be utilised in print or web.


Mobile phone acknowledgement –

While the concept of merging the two images seems simple, in reality, there were more challenges with this composition.

My major difficulty was the different perspectives of the cake in relation to the phone. The horizontal horizon lines did not match, which made the cake look slightly skewed. It took many attempts with the Free Form tool in Photoshop to match the perspective of the cake to the iPhone.

Once the perspective was matched, the magnetic lasso tool was used to select the cake, copied and pasted it on one layer and did an inverse background on another layer.

The inversed cake and masked layer were made by marking a selected area with the Polygon Lasso tool on the iPhone.

Select the polygon lasso area as well as the layer mask of the background and ensure the colour selector is set to white, consequently using your brush tool to paint the cake back in.

Next step was to remove the area outside the Polygon Lasso area. This is the same step as the previous, but inversing the area as well as changing colour palette back to black to remove only the image from outside of the selected area.

There were selected areas on the passion fruit sauce that had reflected lights from the studio lighting and for this I used the Polygon Lasso tool and pressed Shift + Backspace to get the fill property box. With the fill, I used the Content-Aware selection.

To make the composition more realistic, the edge was feathered with define edge tool. And four adjustment layers were applied to tweet brightness and colours as you can see the difference between the two images below; with and without the adjustment applied.

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