John Meyer



Imagine if nutrition, cooking, and communications had a three-way love child—that is where my passion lies. I am an experienced nutritionist, chef, and food stylist, also skilled in food photography. The work on this site showcases my skill sets, which are a major asset to my freelance ventures with other creative and editorial teams and kitchen and health professionals.

I am an expert at providing nutritionists and dietitians with recipe development. My chef training has taught me to select the finest ingredients within a budget, prepare recipes at a fast pace, and maintain the highest standards of presentation. I seek to meet nutritional needs using the Australian Dietary Guidelines and prepare and style foods for photos, videos, and other social content.

Working with diet and health in a variety of ways, I’m passionate about recipes and food. I have a proven flair for creativity with excellent skills in professional food preparation.

I possess strong interpersonal skills to understand and meet client requirements, in addition to effective planning, excellent communication, and a flexible, can-do attitude. Furthermore, my communications degree enables me to create presentations on a variety of topics and write and publish recipe articles via print or internet to educate clients.

Specialising in food styling and photography enables me to work with key stakeholders to provide guidance and advice on innovative food photography solutions. I constantly engage, influence, and collaborate with stakeholders and external creative agencies to offer recipe solutions.

I am skilled at developing daily recipes from scratch, experimenting with the level of quality they produce, providing quantitative and qualitative analysis of the food, and photographing the food. Buying the proper ingredients for specific shoots, I develop and test on-trend recipes based on business requirements and briefs.

I understand the significance of food aesthetics, whether it be a high-budget television commercial or a meal I merely serve to my family. I also have a deep-rooted understanding of the cooking process, along with many cuisines and how to convert them into healthy options, analysing their nutrient compositions.

In a nutshell, I can bridge the gap between different departments and needs. Take a hospital setting, for instance: The nutritionist talks to the patients about their diet and also communicates the dietary needs of the patient to the kitchen. This is not as easy as it sounds because both positions can have their own varying language. Despite this challenge, I have the skill set to understand both.

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